Professional hydroponic growers around the world already know that stone wool is a unique and special growing media. Pargro is the ideal choice for cultivators who are looking for basic media without compromising the clean, disease and pest free, consistent stone wool to help them minimize input costs.

Pargro Quick Drain™ blocks – economically priced stone wool growing media for hydroponics

Pargro is the most economical quality horticultural stone wool on the market. Pargro Quick Drain™ Gro-Blocks are perfect for fast-growing plants which require regular, aggressive feeding thanks to its amazing ability to drain quickly between irrigations. Enjoy stone wool productivity of premium stone wool with the best value product available. Pargro is known for value, quality, cleanliness and consistency, crop after crop. From plugs and Gro-Blocks through to slabs, Pargro has you covered from propagation to harvest.
  1. Saturate
    Saturate Pargro 1.5” Plugs and Pargro Quick Drain (QD) Blocks in a nutrient solution of roughly 1.5 EC and 5.5 pH  for up to 1 minute.Do not over saturate the blocks or leave soaking for extended periods of time.
  2. Propagate
    Take cuttings that are no more than 14 days old, apply rooting solution to cut only and insert stem ½ inches into the saturated Pargro 1.5” Plug.If growing from seed, place one seed into the hole of the saturated Pargro 1.5” Plug.
  3. Transplant
    Insert a well rooted Pargro 1.5” Plug into the hole of the saturated Pargro QD Block
  4. Irrigation
    We recommend using a pressure compensated drip irrigation system.Pargro QD-4 – insert 1 drip stake per block

    Pargro QD Jumbo and Pargro QD Biggie – insert 2 drip stakes per block

    Volume of irrigation should be 3% to 6% of growing media volume

    Irrigation Volumes – suggested flow rate is 0.5 gph (2 lph):

    Shot Size % of Substrate Volume
    Small 2%
    Standard 3%
    Large 4 – 6%
Starters Dimensions (in) Dimensions (cm) Plugs/Package Plugs/Carton
Pargro QD Plug 1.5 3.8 98 14 packages of 98 (1372 total starter plugs)
Pargro QD Plug 1.5 3.8 45 26 packages of 45 (1170 total starter blocks)


Quick Drain Blocks Dimensions(in) Dimensions (cm) Blocks/Package Blocks/Carton
Pargro QD 4 x 4” block 4 x 4 x 4 10 x 10 x 10 6 144
Pargro QD JUMBO block 6 x 6 x 4 15 x 15 x 10   64
Pargro QD BIGGIE block   15 x 15 x 14.2   64


Quick Drain Slabs Dimensions (in) Dimensions (cm) Slabs/Carton
Pargro QD slab 36 x 6 x 3 91.4 x 15.2 x 7.6 12