Take full control of your crops with unparalleled 24/7 real-time, highly accurate measurements of WC, EC and temperature in the root-zone.

Grodan GroSens HandHeld and MultiSensor System

The GroSens system enables 24/7 real-time insight into the WC, EC and temperature of the stone wool substrate. The system can be connected to most climate-control computers, to provide an instant, continuous display of the data in graph form. Besides this, it also enables more detailed information to be displayed on any external computer connected to the grower’s Internet / Ethernet. This provides valuable, timely information and guidance for optimising the irrigation strategy, allowing growers to improve the yield and quality of their crops.

In combination with Grodan stone wool substrates and advice, the GroSens system makes it possible for the grower to optimise production and identify cost savings. In short, using the GroSens system enables Precision Growing.

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GroSens Downloader Program