e-Gro, the ultimate data platform for data driven Precision Growing

The challenge

Growing crops is one part art, one part expertise and one part technology. And technology is always growing, there’s automation, control, big data, AI… how do you integrate all the benefits and possibilities that technology offers you so that your business grows, not just your plants? Grodan did the scientific research and development for you with the evolution of e-Gro.

Our dream

We believe that digitization of cultivation and state of the art software can change the world and the way you work. We believe that software can’t replace the expertise of crops cultivators, but it must assist and provide early guidance, leading to insights that help in making real-time, practical decisions that can increase profitability. Whether you’re making future sales projections or looking to maximize yields for your canopy space, we think the answers should always be available.

About e-Gro

e-Gro is a software platform that combines the expertise of Plant Scientists, Grodan Technical Advisors, and Data Scientists to deliver you insights consistently, accurately and reliably, 24/7. Insights to help you optimize your growing strategy by maximizing production and decreasing input costs. Now that’s powerful control.

The platform works in combination with the Grodan GroSens Sensor Suite. All the exciting information is coming soon! Get ahead of the data curve, contact Grodan today.

More information?

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