The Grodan Cress Plate is our thinnest stone wool product available at just 0.3 inches. It’s ideal for micropropagation and microgreens such as arugula, chives, mizuna, basil, micro cilantro, chia, mustard greens, fennel, amaranth, radish, broccoli, and watercress.

Master Microgreens and Micropropagation with
Grodan Cress Plate

  • Thinnest Grodan product on the market
  • Uniform water levels throughout product
  • Quick and easy germination
  • Even crop development

The thin sheets of Grodan stone wool are specially developed for quick growing crops that need minimal substrate. Using the Grodan Cress Plate will result in uniform and quick crop development. The Grodan Cress Plate has been designed to fit perfectly inside a standard-sized propagator dome. Stone wool is the ideal substrate for professional microgreen production because the fine fibrous structure is perfect for young, tender roots to explore. Even the comparatively short growing cycles associated with microgreen cultivation can be reduced thanks to the unique way in which stone wool encourages the formation of fine root hairs as well as its ability to store and release moisture and nutrients.

  1. Saturate
    Place a Grodan Cress Plate in a standard sized propagation dome. Pour a 1.5 EC nutrient solution that has been pH adjusted to 5.5 over the entire surface of the Cress Plate. Let stand for 1 minute and drain excess nutrient solution.
  2. Propagate
    Evenly distribute seeds over the surface of the saturated Cress Plate using a clean tool. It is important that the seeds are placed uniformly across the surface to allow the plants to develop in a uniform manner.
  3. Grow
    Apply irrigations as wet weight decreases to 50% of the initial saturation weight. Do not over water.
  Dimensions (in) Dimensions (cm) Units/Carton Units/Pallet
Grodan Cress Plate 19.5 x 9.4 x 0.4 49.5 x 24 x 1 95 1140