About Grodan

Since 1969 Grodan has been the world-wide leader in supplying innovative and sustainable stone wool growing media solutions. Over the last 50 years, customers from commercial hydroponic growers to home-based gardeners have been using Grodan products to cultivate safe, healthy and high quality-vegetables and plants.

The Grodan name is synonymous with quality horticultural stone wool- an inert medium discovered near volcanoes in the 1800’s and later created in factories by Grodan to facilitate growing plants without soil. Our Precision Growing principles, combined with our cutting-edge products, solutions and advice, allow us to help growers of all levels to reach the goal of producing more with less.

Producing more with less is in our roots. Since we invented hydroponic stone wool growing in 1969 we have continuously evolved the Grodan approach to sustainable growing. Our growing media enables growers to provide their plants with water and fertilizer much more precisely and efficiently. By doing so, yield and quality can increase, while at the same time saving water and fertilizer and decreasing overall costs.

Today, our growers make use of a wide range of innovative products for the entire growing cycle, from the start of propagation till harvesting. At Grodan, we are driven to continue developing revolutionary products and technology to support Precision Growing for generations to come.


Fifty years ago, in 1969, the practice of using stone wool for horticulture was born. The start of a success story as Grodan is still growing strong. Since then we are making an impact. Not only in the horticulture industry but in the world by providing a sustainable growing solution.

Because of this milestone we created this booklet in front of you to capture the momentum. “In Intensive horticulture in the Netherlands and Europe – A glance at the past, present and future” Berenschot give us a compact overview with the facts. During our 50th Anniversary event on October 9 we discussed these with our Northern Western European customers and a diverse panel from the sector.

Download Grodan 50 years presentation